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Worklife can easily be set up in less than a day. You just need a list of the email addresses of the employees that you want to play the game, a list of the employee benefits you’d like to review and any criteria that you’d like to split your report by, e.g. department, geographical location, performance, role, etc.
As soon as your employees have played the game, you can run your reports. With Worklife, it’s possible for even large multi-site corporations to be able to analyse the EVP of their organisation in as little as 2 weeks.
The employees that you select to play the game will receive an emailed link to the game. They can play this either on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.
This depends on the number of cards that you include in your EVP card deck, but typically the average gameplay duration is under 7 minutes.
No, we actively encourage people to add potential new EVP factors into their card game mix. This gives you the opportunity to test the appetite for any new perks or HR initiatives before any costly roll-out to your organisation.
The most popular ways that companies segment their Worklife report are by location, job role, performance level and/or the number of years’ service.
No. All you need to do to use Worklife is enter your list of employee email addresses, the list of EVP factors you want to analyse and any criteria you want to use in the reporting that you do, such as the department each employee works in.
It depends on how you use the data from your reports but the savings can run into hundreds of thousands for large corporations. Cost savings include reduced employee turnover due to a more engaged workforce, a reduction in new hire premiums due to a more attractive employer brand and a more cost effective benefits package.
EVP stands for Employee Value Proposition. Your Employee Value Proposition is the combined package of the tangible and intangible rewards that you offer as an employer to your employees in return for their work. Your Employee Value Proposition is a key part of your Employer Brand and has a direct impact on not only the quality of talent that you attract but also the retention of a productive and engaged workforce.
IVP stands for Individual Value Proposition. Each individual who works for you will have their own distinct motivations for coming to work and therefore how each individual appreciates your EVP will differ. By analysing your workforce’s IVPs and identifying trends you can find out how effective your EVP is and how you can further motivate your high performers, improve your proposition, become an employer of choice and attract the very best people to your team.

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